Just a Spoonful of Sugar...

Date: June 6, 2013

Aaahhhh....the sweet moans of a sick child. It makes you want to run for cover! More times than not, the sweet kisses from a parent...or furry sibling...will not cure the ailing and medicine becomes a must. That's when the situation can get ugly!

For years, one of our children (I won't name names...ok, I will...it was Chloe) had issues with taking liquid medicine. I'm using the term "issues" loosely here, because the reality was her head would spin and lasers would shoot out of her eyes the second we got within 10 feet of her with a dose of any medicinal syrup in our hands. I guess you could say she had a "flavor aversion". I'm not exaggerating when I tell you we would pour the spoonful or dropperful of medicine in her mouth...she would swallow...then she would vomit...pretty much every time. Unfortunately, Chloe was sick often, so...unfortunately...we went through that process often. Give medicine, clean up vomit. EVERY TIME.

Needless to say, the stress level tripled due to this condition Chloe seemed to suffer from. We were stressed because she was sick, then we were stressed because she threw up (stressed and irritated...not a good combination!), and then we were REALLY stressed because now she was sick and not keeping her medicine in her! How would she ever get well?!?! And how would we ever survive her childhood at this rate?!?!?

Well...things got better like they almost always do. Chloe is a pill-popping queen now (that doesn't sound good, but you know what I mean), and actually has the talent of swallowing about 12 pills all at one time, which in turn makes her Mother gag. I, on the other hand, have to literally push each individual pill down my throat one at a time. But that's beside the point! So what is the point? The point is, every child is different, and sometimes a simple thing like medicine can make your life hell. Do anything you can to make it easier...vent to friends, get medicine flavored at your favorite pharmacy, Bayard Pharmacy...ask your doctor about alternate medicine if your child isn't handling the current prescription well. Don't suffer alone!

And take it from me...throwing the open bottle of cough syrup across the kitchen in a fit of frustration doesn't help the situation. It just makes your kitchen sticky for many, many years.