Hardcover...and I don't mean the Otterbox

Date: June 26, 2013

When I first started this blog, I not only did it for website content, but also because I enjoy providing little anecdotes which may or may not make people feel better about their own lives. Would it be just perfect if every story I had was about something pharmacy related? Of course it would! Do I have that many pharmacy-related stories? Of course I don't! So I will ramble for a few minutes about the current thorn in my side.

All 3 of my children have some sort of handheld communication device - Chloe and Emily, the two oldest, have iPhones; and Macy, my disgruntled youngest, has an iPod touch and low-grade cell phone combo. What this means is I live every day in angst over the amount of usage of these devices. Now, I do realize Erik and I are the reasons the girls even have these devices in the first place! But still!

Just look at those faces...how could something that brought so much joy to them bring so much misery to me? I don't know, but it does.

"But Jenny!", you exclaim, "YOU'RE their Mother! Set limits! Create rules! YOU'RE in charge!" Yes, yes, yes...I get it. And I do set limits and create rules. But it is a constant, and I mean CONSTANT, chore to keep the girls within those limits and adhering to those rules. I am not around them 24 hours a day like I used to be. I'd like to say now that they're older, I have a life again! I'm freeeee!!!! But alas, I just spend my entire life at the pharmacy, and that's why I'm not around the girls all day like I used to be. So, that means they vegetate freely looking at iFunny's and hatching eggs in some game and organizing pieces of candy as they fall from the sky, or whatever. And texting? Don't get me started.

So, a typical day when I am in their presence goes like this:

Me - "Emily."

Em - "What?" *While looking at her phone*

Me - "Start laundry today please."

Em - no answer

Me - "Em."

Em - silence


And so it goes.

I'm not exaggerating when I say this happens every day. With each child. So, at least three times a day I am having this episode. This PSYCHOTIC episode.

The other day, at my wits end, I said to Erik I feel like we made a mistake and maybe we should take the iPhones/iPods back and have them live a "normal" life...you know...Laura Ingalls Wilder style? He kind of looked like a deer in headlights, I'm guessing because he pictured either the girls forming a coup and tying us up in the basement...or...he is concerned the next step after that would be for me to insist we get rid of OUR iPhones and kick it old school 1993 style. I'm not THAT crazy!

I needed some form of divine intervention. Guidance. I personally find it repulsive that we have become this society so engrossed in our iPhones/smartphones that the idea of living without them is ludicrous! Not even possible! Whatever would we do?!?!

 Thankfully, Macy received a summer reading list in the mail for school. This used to be the highlight of our lives every June (pre-iPhone/iPod days)...we would do a shopping spree at Atlantic Books on Rt.13 and buy a slew of books for summer reading. I sure have missed those days! I decided this was a sign from God, so we stopped in to our lovely local bookstore, Acorn Books. And you know what? That little glimmer returned to my childrens' eyes...that glimmer of promise to be found in a spanking new paper book. A book with pages! Real paper pages! I'm not even sure they know how to use a book anymore, but we're gonna try!

Chloe and Emily even have Kindles, but downloading a book just doesn't have that same "feel" as buying a new paper book. And they haven't touched their Kindles in months and months. When I handed Em the book I bought for her, seeing as she wasn't along for the shopping trip, she actually looked excited! I felt the need to say, however, "You know you're gonna need to put down your phone to read this book, right?" She did not looked pleased at my joke.

In the end, I feel a tad better since the girls will spend some time reading this summer. I know there will be electronics-induced frustrations from time to time, but I will just keep buying books to keep in their hands.

Now I have to go...I just heard about 4 notifications come through my iPhone.