LOL Medicine

  • Aug 21 2013
    Back. To. School. All parents say how excited we are! It's about time the little...or big...rugrats get back to school! Get out of our hair! Stop fighting! Stop being lazy couch potatoes all day long! GET OUT OF THE HOUSE! And I am one of the many who look forward to shipping my girls off to the next grade. And yet... Now everyone has to get up at 5:30 AM again. Make lunches every morning again (my husband has been doing that part, so I'll complain FOR him). Listen to 2 te... details
  • Jun 26 2013
    When I first started this blog, I not only did it for website content, but also because I enjoy providing little anecdotes which may or may not make people feel better about their own lives. Would it be just perfect if every story I had was about something pharmacy related? Of course it would! Do I have that many pharmacy-related stories? Of course I don't! So I will ramble for a few minutes about the current thorn in my side. All 3 of my children have some sort of handheld communicat... details
  • Jun 6 2013
    Aaahhhh....the sweet moans of a sick child. It makes you want to run for cover! More times than not, the sweet kisses from a parent...or furry sibling...will not cure the ailing and medicine becomes a must. That's when the situation can get ugly! For years, one of our children (I won't name names...ok, I was Chloe) had issues with taking liquid medicine. I'm using the term issues loosely here, because the reality was her head would spin and lasers would shoot out o... details